About Us

ESCO "Ecological Systems" (ESCO ECOSYS) is a Ukrainian leading energy service company, established in 1991. ESCO ECOSYS is one of the first energy service companies (ESCO) in Ukraine. The company specialized in the design, implementation, evaluation and preparation to financing of energy efficiency programs and projects. The firm boasts a long experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy and public awareness.

ESCO ECOSYS offers a wide range of energy services suited to the needs of its partners and clients. This includes comprehensive research, energy modernization strategies, consulting services, development on investment and financial instruments, design and implementation of investment projects and programs. Most projects have been carried out for utilities, municipalities, private industry and energy companies. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Municipal Energy Planning
  • Public Awareness

Municipal energy efficiency and sustainable energy projects in Ukraine

ECOSYS's status as a leader in energy service in Ukraine was built thanks to the strengths of its team of professional energy managers, engineers and economists. Operations are handled through 4 divisions: the energy audit and energy analysis bureau, the investment analysis and planning bureau, the energy management bureau and the information department.

The expertise of our staff complemented by a commitment to on-going professional training, along with our dedication to excellence guarantees that each project is implemented with highest level quality for all contractual obligations.

11 Mayakovsky Ave., Zaporizhia, 69035, Ukraine

tel. +380 61 224 68 12, tel./fax +380 61 224 66 86